About us

Innovations made simple

Webzone has become an innovative digital agency which provides best in class solutions for the services from strategy, design, development and up till marketing.

At Webzone, we believe that the effective interplay between strategy, design, and functionality is what that sets our website and apps apart from other digital agencies. We are transparent to our clients, we consider their requirements to be ours, that leads to beautiful cooperation between us and the customers, which results in providing the best our customers need.

Since our formation, we have been committed to delivering excellent and innovative digital products. Having an amazing work ethic and proudly established in State of Qatar, all of our work engineered by a talented team comprising of creative designers, professional engineers collaborating with minds of strategy and marketing folks. This allows us to have control over our output, as well as the the creation of a true family atmosphere with our staff and clients. We are always open for a cup of coffee and a talk.

– Webzone Technologies


Our process


Client interaction

We want to see what our customer sees, we thrive to get their requirement as our need. Helping to provide best in class service by getting the purpose of the products.


Project creation

We take engineering very seriously, providing simple and intuitive digital products that will be an authentic reflection of you and the goals of your organization.


Continuing support

Our goal is to not only to turn your vision into reality, but to guide you with best practices along the way. Your belief in us is our success.


Meet our amazing team

Dr. Faleh Mohamed Hussein Ali

Managing Director

Dr. Faleh worked as the assistant for Policy to the Minister of Health for 8 years, at the Supreme Council of Health (SCH), Qatar’s highest health authority. He guided national planning for health facilities, services and workforce.


Abdul Khader Shaduli

Operations and Finance Executive

A tech enthusiastic person, who focuses on the company’s vision with a dream team. He provides financial guidance to the management team and also leads the operations section at Webzone. His professional background experiences includes External and Technical Audit.

Anas Ibnumuhammed

Social Media Marketing Manager

A Social Media Marketing Manager and accomplished Designer, boasting a wealth of experience that spans over 7 successful years in the industry.