Qabuss connects businesses in a smarter way. It provides an easy way for consumers to easily find detailed information related to shopping, dining, places to visit, leisure, educational activities and much more.

One app for all the needs

From beauty to clinics, Qabuss gathers everything - but this isn't all!

Detailed information

Details like operating hours, location, contact details and links to the websites can be provided.

Web app

Can't go mobile? Qabuss offers a web app with the same mobile app's functionality.


The app and website are multilingual (English and Arabic), spreading the MENA region.

Powerful recommendations and search

Qabuss can suggest reccomendations to its users based on their location, interests and reviews. You can easily browse through the categories - several are available. In addition, the app offers a fast and powerful search: it is possible to filter by various parameters and order the results based on several factors.

Promote your business never was so easy!

Seeking leisure? We can also help

Website visitors and app users are able to view all the events and happenings in Qatar. Trough our web interface, businesses can list their events for more visible presence and to generate leads.

Selected news and articles

Qabuss has a dedicated area for news. It provides news from all over the world with a special focus on news based from Qatar. There are different categories such as local, international, technology, sports and business. We will be developing a classified section very soon herein businesses can list vacancies depending on their requirements.

Enjoy those offers while they are still valid!

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Enjoy those offers while they are still valid!

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