Our Sister Companies

Webzone Technologies toady consists several sister companies as a part of our growth. The companies operate in several sectors, such as trading and distribution, health care, information technologies, real estate and more media,

Oud Al qutar

Agarwood Import

Oudalqutar is a leading brand of Oud oils, Bakhoor and Oud. The fusion of knowledge, affinity towards nature and creativity has made them an approved supplier and a trusted brand owner in the field of agarwood industry. The fabulous ouds of Oudalqutar are collected from very old special trees around the world which awards a real treasure. The earthy notes from Oudalqutar products supply very pleasant odour for the senses and fit for special occasions.

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Rayaheen Industries

Business category

Rayaheen Industries (LLC), specialize in manufacturing effective range of Auto care, Personal and Household Cleaning products and Industrial use chemicals in Sharjah, UAE. The Company has been committed in providing innovative solutions to deliver excellence and value to consumers. We have been supplying quality economical products in the markets of Middle east and different regions of the world for the past 18 years.

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Al Mauna

Food Trading & Distribution

Al Mauna Trading is one among the best Food Trading & Distribution Companies in Qatar. They are committed in providing supply chain support by bringing the best quality products from all over the world at an affordable price. Al Mauna represents leading international manufacturers and distributes for their products in Qatar and in the region. Being new to the industry, Al Mauna has already started touching the lives of consumers and customers with quality brand/products at competitive price and continuously improving day by day acquiring new quality products.

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Tempcon Medical Services & Trading

Medical Services & Trading

Tempcon is a group of young professionals having decades of experience in the medical and scientific industry. They aim at proving medical and scientific solutions to Qatar by supply, installation, training and commissioning of medical and scientific equipment. They also supply medical consumables and disposables, laboratory reagents, other consumables and glassware. In a short span of time they have established prestigious clientele and incredible network of manufactures and suppliers all over the world.

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Asian Green Trading

Trading and Exporting

Asian Green Trading is the growers and exporters of fresh flowers and organic edible leaves. The cultivation is done in own farms. The superior quality Organic Moringa leaves are certified 100 % organic and are rich in nutritional values. The company offers drum stick (Moringa) leaves and flowers in all over around GCC and European countries.

Fernweh Infotech

IT Equipments & Supplies

Fernweh InfoTech is a results-oriented and high-impact consulting firm specializing in next-generation Information Technology Solutions.Fernweh InfoTech aim to provide innovative and effective solutions to our clients. Our goal is to add values to every relationship.Fernweh InfoTech enter through an affordable solution. Providing the best service at competitive prices is our priority.

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Horizone Real Estate

Real Estate

Horizon is an asset and leasing Management Company which relies completely on client base. To grow the client portfolio asset management makes important investment decisions. Horizon manages variety of properties such as of villas, flats and shops in Qatar. High quality services and customer care are the benchmarks for their value creation.